Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Silent protest.

I think the best means for me to express my disapproval of all those people who are perfectly indiffernt and didn't turn up for the protest today is to maintain silence. I think it beneath my contempt even to discuss them. Let me also state that i have as much respect as i always had for people who just differed in their opinion. It is those who have no opinion or oppose the reservation and didn't turn up that make me despair.

Also, i've gone over the arguments on both sides of the coin so many times today that I'll bore myself to death if i post about it. Instead, if any one cares to discuss the details i shall let them know in person. Or perhaps, i'll post about it on another day when i think lesser about it.

Since i am very grieved i only wish to relieve myself by recounting humourous anecdotes. Firstly this conversation:

Me: Half the females(?) in that picture had a crush on .e at some time or the other during these four years da.
ANiitm: But there were five females in that pic da....
Babe: Actually, one female was half behind .e so that there was effectively only 4 and a half females.
ANiitm: Four and half is also odd da.

Here are some interesting ideas i got during the protest March:

When we were all seated on the road at the end of the protest, I thought the protest seemed rather light with us just walking a disappointing 4 kilometres. I thought it would be better if this had been a week long protest instead and felt tempted to jump up in agony, scream so that the camera would turn to me, and then do the fainting act as if i had fallen down out of starvation! It stays an idea for now because I knew i'd miss my chance to gawk at the hot young journalist when i'd close my eyes at the end of the fainting act.

Then, there was this idea which provided much amusement to me and ANiitm. I thought it would be nice if the two of us should go up to one of the front rows, where the students were already choking for space and, while walking, suddenly start nudging people away on all sides of oneself saying, "Please maintain one arm distance" and stretch the arms out on either side in the fashion in which we have done it in school drills. It is prerequisite that one is to maintain a grim countenance and say it as if in earnest. The amusement obtained on seeing the sobre and perplexed faces stare at you in complete bewilderment cannot be matched by anything else!

P.S: I'm sure you've identified who ANiitm is, and i'm sure you've realised it is a payback for SKiitm. But if you are wondering what it is, please ask me in person because i know many a prude and delicate creature reads my blog and i wouldn't want to offend them.


abi said...

Tell me on Ym will you about who ANiitm is.
and I know .e! :) you could have done some such thing for ANiitm too!

Arun said...

Great blog [:D]. We form a great team :P. Yes ppl!, it was me.