Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PITA of Pain

I, Karthik Sivaramakrishnan, propose on the 19th of April 2006, a new law called the 'PITA of Pain' which reads as follows: Every reaction must have an equal and opposite reaction.

This is not a law that helps understand nature, but a law much like the laws of a government, and is meant to be followed by the individual so that he may experience greater happiness.

Just as General Relativity wasn't understood immediately i perfectly sympathise with mortals who fail to grapple with the profundity of this law. Therefore, as a prelude to my many lectures at the meccas of learning i shall write in this post a simple elaboration of this law.

The Pain In The Ass(PITA) of Pain Law necessitates that every individual must always practise and produce the exact opposite of the reaction seen on the face of the person or persons conversing with him at any moment. For instance, if the person talking to one is smiling, one must wear a dejected look and if he is laughing out loud, one must bawl out loud and vice versa. Of what consequence is this one may ask? What this course of action does is to make sure that every emotion is experienced in a subdued manner. For instance, the happy laughter is throttled by one's wailing, the cheerful smile is made to wane by a sorrow look and so on. So neither you nor he is permitted to experience pure emotion. This is one of the greatest forms of suffering conceivable. And since, happiness and suffering are branches of the same stem, more the suffering, greater the happiness when one gets a chance to experience it. But then, if all are like this and no pure emotion is ever experienced, when does one get a chance to experience happiness? That depends on oneself. If for instance, one lives by the PITA of Pain principle from childhood until say 80 and then finds a partner, usually one's wife, and both of you consent mutually to violate the principle, then the happiness gained out of it would be so immense that it can only be said to be a Nirvana! A salvation! And hence, they can take their lives and be happy forever!

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Arun said...

sounds like nisheeth's argument for why he doesnt take bath at IIT AT ALL! delay in gratification uh? :D nice one