Saturday, October 25, 2008

The beginning of election soap

The 1960 presidential campaign was marked by one novel development, the scheduling between September 26 and October 21 of a series of four nationally televised debates between the two candidates. Although the format for each session was precisely drawn, the debates did not serve to distinguish sharply the candidates' specific positions on the issues. The major differences that emerged during the debates and more generally during the campaign were those of style and personality. Kennedy stressed the need for more dynamic leadership to get the country moving again, extend the nation's international influence and improve the quality of life in America. Nixon, in contrast, emphasized his experience and ability to stand up to the Russians, sought to make an issue of his opponent's youth and wealth, and blamed the Democrats for inflation.

The television debates were not without significance. Television offered possibilities for a new political strategy. Brilliantly exploiting television's communication possibilities, Kennedy projected an image of efficiency, detailed knowledge, and vibrancy and recognized the distinction between scoring point and winning audiences (which Nixon did not because he was convinced of his superior debating skills). Not surprisingly, then, a Roper poll revealed that, of four million Americans who admitted having been influenced by the debates, three million voted for Kennedy. Television had made its mark and further transformed American politics by reducing the importance of issues and political philosophy and strengthening factors like personality, appearance, and projected image.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Colourful past

The Brown decision changed the black history.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beating around the bush

Its fortunate my acquaintances at ASU don't know my blog. Info you need to know: 'opto' below refers to an optoelectronics course that this chap's taking now and that I had taken in an earlier semester.

Note: If one has a question, one should just ask!

Shail: hey dude
me: hye
Shail: i have question
i spoke to my prof
abt opto
its no way related to my research
and she asked
if i wanted to do anything in future
i was like kinda
she gave me a option of withdrawing from it
i just give too much of time
to that subject
and other 2 subjects
hardly get time for her work
should i withdraw?
me: your call
Shail: asking ur advice?
does W on transcript
matter a lot?
me: Oh, like that. I don't know

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Was bored at lab today so came home by about 5:30. Didn't sleep enough last night so was feeling groggy, but didn't want to sleep at an odd hour due to a sensitive bio-clock. So made myself a warm drink of instant coffee, filled a plate with crisp chips and sat down to eat while staring at the TV. We've got a basic internet connection at home so about 22 channels air free to our home. 8 out of the 22 were showing the presidential debate live. So I switched the TV off and wrote this post.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm in love

I never thought it was possible.

I also never doubted my orientation.

But I'm seriously in love with independent candidate for the 2008 elections Ralph Nader.

If I were a citizen, I'd vote for him not only this time, but in every election he might ever contest!

All this because I saw an interview of him on c-span by the commonwealth club. There's too much in it for me to narrate. They said the video would be uploaded on It isn't there just yet. May be in a few days. I'll surely update this post with the link to that interview when it gets uploaded.

I never heard of him before, and in one interview, I'm a complete devotee of him!

Of course he won't win, and he explains why too in that interview :)

But Ralph Nader, may you live really long! Here's to your health!

Here it is!

It is a 1hr 7 minute video with no breaks.
PLEASE PLEASE watch this interview if you've read this post! It is the most awesome interview I have ever seen in my life! Such men are rare and it is such a delight to know they exist! :')

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wish list

1) An ipod news reader app: Basically an app in which if you key in the website, it reads out the day's news on that website. If you aren't interested in that article, you just hit fwd and like playing the next song it plays the next article! This would be really convenient for when I'm engaged in mindless work.(One may ignore the 'when' for more accuracy)

2) Laptop lighting that can resemble reading a book outdoors on a cloudy day.

Miner achievements

"The one strike that proved an exception to the wartime rule of short spontaneous walkouts, was the long, caotly and bitter 1943 bituminous coal strike. Again defying mine owners, Congress, the president, the military, and the public - which "damned his coal black soul" - John L. Lewis led his miners to a remarkable victory. As a result of the 1943 strike settlement, coal miners became the nation's highest paid industrial workers."