Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beating around the bush

Its fortunate my acquaintances at ASU don't know my blog. Info you need to know: 'opto' below refers to an optoelectronics course that this chap's taking now and that I had taken in an earlier semester.

Note: If one has a question, one should just ask!

Shail: hey dude
me: hye
Shail: i have question
i spoke to my prof
abt opto
its no way related to my research
and she asked
if i wanted to do anything in future
i was like kinda
she gave me a option of withdrawing from it
i just give too much of time
to that subject
and other 2 subjects
hardly get time for her work
should i withdraw?
me: your call
Shail: asking ur advice?
does W on transcript
matter a lot?
me: Oh, like that. I don't know

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