Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm in love

I never thought it was possible.

I also never doubted my orientation.

But I'm seriously in love with independent candidate for the 2008 elections Ralph Nader.

If I were a citizen, I'd vote for him not only this time, but in every election he might ever contest!

All this because I saw an interview of him on c-span by the commonwealth club. There's too much in it for me to narrate. They said the video would be uploaded on It isn't there just yet. May be in a few days. I'll surely update this post with the link to that interview when it gets uploaded.

I never heard of him before, and in one interview, I'm a complete devotee of him!

Of course he won't win, and he explains why too in that interview :)

But Ralph Nader, may you live really long! Here's to your health!

Here it is!

It is a 1hr 7 minute video with no breaks.
PLEASE PLEASE watch this interview if you've read this post! It is the most awesome interview I have ever seen in my life! Such men are rare and it is such a delight to know they exist! :')

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