Monday, April 17, 2006


Dear fans and fanatics of my blog,

I have been getting millions of queries from across the span of the whole wide hostel as to how desperate a soul can get for blogging, after reading my nonsense on the elephants at Gajendra circle. Dear caring friends, i assure you i do not spend my whole day thinking up ideas and points for my blog! The article in question was written in one of my metallurgy classes while sitting in the second bench, right under the professors hair(becuase his porcupine like hair would project farther than his nose in the hunched position in which he used to stand while addressing the students by staring at the floor), when i had to pretend to be writing notes, but was least interested in paying attention to his drivel! Also, I was further urged to clarify because of one of my friends declaring in his status messages, " I live to blog, blog to live". I do neither and spend no more time than the average human being with an average life would spend on blogging. Also, before another barrage of questions target me I wish to state that this alarming frequeny of a blog a day is only because I am sufficiently idle as to spare about 30 minutes to 1 hour each day and involve myself in an exercise which i perform solely to see how well i am able to wield words to convey ideas and thoughts. Now that I have made all this clear I shall move on to the details of today's post.

It rained in Chennai today much to the delight of all. I climbed the 100 feet high water tank, the tallest point on campus, prior to the downpour, and was treated to a delightful blast of stormy wind. I also witnessed an intimidating spread and descent of the dreary grey clouds like in the movie Independence Day. Then, for fear of lightning, I decided to climb back down. The rain had beat me back to earth and I drenched myself in a fun little walk in the rain. It is perhaps not wise to do so when one has shaved one's head but I just wanted to indulge myself. The cloud formations were incredible thanks to the presence of bright sun lit patches amidst the thunderous dark clouds. Anyways, I walked back to the hostel, changed, set the windows and doors open, and decided to sit down and do some reading when the horrible smell of weed smoke tore at my nostrils. I didn't have to leave my room to realise the source of the smell. It sadly took away the smell of rain on dry earth and i moved around in the wing like an agitated animal trying to find a safe place. But my wing being what it is, i realised the safest place available was my room.

After the downpour, when i'd finished the book, i went back to the top of the tank! For the first time in months i witnessed a sunset and saw the sun in that molten orange-red colour. As I was treated to a sunset on the one side, on the other side a bright rainbow so huge had formed that its arc would enclose half my field of view. What's more, as i kept staring at the rainbow i noticed a spectacle which i'll probably never see again in my life: I saw a concentric rainbow. It was fainter than the first and located slightly above it. But that's not the incredible part. This rainbow had the colours in the reverse order ROYGBIV. I can only assume that it had formed as some kind of a reflection of the brighter one. The sight of two rainbows running in concentric arcs and having colours mirroring each other is ineffable. I am certain it is a spectacle to which only i was privileged at that time, anywhere in the world. In fact, i am not sure how many people in the world, right since humans came into existence, have ever seen a rainbow and its mirror! Lucky me!

There isn't much more i have to say. I would've lashed out at the behaviour of the students in the SAC during the graduands day dinner, but then, i behaved like a worse animal myself so i'd rather shut up to lessen my guilt. Oh, speaking of lashing out, one of my friends came up to me and said i just need an excuse to lash out at people. I was a bit taken aback because i couldn't quite place what context brought him to say that. But then, he is one of those few precious souls who said he reads my blog and i can only guess he read a few of my recent posts and came to the conclusion I am a goddam cynic looking to scorn at people whenever i get a chance. I don't know how many more people think this way but i, for one, would not like to think so. I thought i was only criticising because there was reason. But i have been told often that i am too fault-finding and i hate to admit but i suppose that is true. May be i expect too much of everyone. Everyone except myself. Oh, then i'm just a goddam hypocrite! Is this self-flagellation? Some form of crooked justice from my conscience? So be it.


Raghu said...

Hey man that status message was gen fart..

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...


Don't take it too literally Raghu. I just needed to use that to give a build up ;-) I know its not true da! Ob!

abi said...

Hey did you climb that tower near alak?
Tomorrow evening again da!
Btw there are trekkers in my wing.. (thought I am not one of the yet!)
so you should have called us..
RG bugger

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...


Yes, i climbed the tower twice. Once before the shower, when the cool winds were blowing and a second time after the rains stopped. That is when i saw that breath-taking spectacle. Yeah, we can go tomorrow. I'll make a visit to the wing before take off!