Saturday, April 15, 2006


As per the resolve i took the day before,I was supposed to have written this post last night. One post a day i've decided. I am not so busy and I might make the world a better place to live in by my writing. I am feeling rather tempted to insert the 'tongue' smiley at the end of the previous sentence but I am making a determined effort to avoid it in writing. Chat and SMS is ruining my language. I wonder how long it is since i've used a word as long as 'language'! SMS has done relatively less damage thanks to T-9 but chat, particularly, has been disastrous to my grammar and more importantly to my ability to express myself in words. The colon Ps, Ds, brackets and what not have ensured i have not used a word of in months now! What's more, people to have become adept at interpreting the handful of smileys as per the context! Oh! Its turning into the world of 1984, just as Big Brother had wished it to be. Our vocabulary is coming down. That means a greater preciseness to our expression of thought, and consequently, lesser scope for a thought crime. But then, there is no government involved here. Its just Yahoo, a harmless search engine. Am i mistaken? Perhaps there is a government after all. Not just any government, but the Big Brother of the universe at the moment-the United States of America. Could the yahoo's emoticons be a consequence of the US governments need to prevent thought crime? Indeed, there is so much thought crime against the US the world over at the moment that i wouldn't be surprised if this were the case. So I'll be doubly careful 'bout using smileys henceforth. Instead, i'll be as verbose as I can. May be i'll even coin words like a Shakespeare. I schreem the seed(Oldspeak translation of this newspeak: I like the idea). It contris bundas sex to pregnify words(Oldspeak translation: It gives great pleasure to coin words). Well, lest i give the average reader, who is unfamiliar with the complexity of my newspeak a headache, i shall resort to using the less interesting, less expressive, less refined oldspeak. Tempted as I am to write star-sigh-star I resist. It is important for me to highlight the difficulty i undergo in making each of these efforts of will to avoid smileys not to boast about myself but to highlight to innocent readers the powerful weapon in the hands of Big Brother. Beware world! 1984 is being realised through emoticons! Please spread this message to all you know. Indulge in thought crime while you still can ye free beings for the world will soon be enslaved! I never thought i'd actually make a direct and immediate contribution to saving the world when i wrote that line earlier. Looks like I was destined to save the world. The saviour of the world. An unsung superhero. 'World! Are you listening?' Now that I know i'm a superhero let me talk about other awards i've been getting.

I collected this award on behalf of a community for the worst community on orkut. Its the BVB J'Hills 2000 community. You can see my much applauded speech there. It was a rather emotional moment and I do not wish to recall them at present. Meanwhile, i had my hair trimmed all over my head yesterday so that it is now only about 1mm all around. So this friend of mine said 'Sk shining!'. Flattering indeed! Elsewhere,apparently, my 'about me' on orkut is doing the rounds through emails and forwards. All this attention is getting to me. But then, it is also a litte stifling. I lose my freedom. The whole world knows me now it seems. Where do I hide? How do I make sure a million people don't read my post and make comments uncalled for? How do I make sure i can go safely to class without being cornered by fellow students asking for autographs? How do I make sure I am in my room without photographers and journalists coming and knocking at the door all the time? Ah, a knock on the door. Must be the journalist from the New York Times. Time to sign off folks. I promise i'll get back soon. You wouldn't understand, its tough to be a saviour of the world, a superhero, a celebrity and a student all at the same time. May be i should drop my responsibilities as a student?

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abi said...

Reduce your chat time da..May be thats why I don't feel that chat is ruining my language. Or even better would be to increase your typing speed! :P :P

And about the popularity, you deserve it da! With a shining head and a passionate 'about me' in orkut, youw will soon be considered a pukka politician =))