Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Privacy lost

I have lost my personal diary. I mean,I just learnt from my friend, during grub, that he read my blogs. My latest blogs. It is as if they've lost their virginity. They are not pure anymore. The words stand naked before anonymous eyes. What's more some nice man by the name Joe has posted a comment against one of them. Thanks Joe. Only, i was a little astonished when he praised the post 'Burst of passion' as good creative writing. I wish to correct my good man here saying that that was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I shall write with caution hereafter; for at some level of consciousness the fact that these words are being read would be acknowledged by my brain. However, that doesn't mean i'll be more systematic, and structured. It just means i shan't let you in on private detail beyond what i consider permissible. Is addiction to blogging a bad thing? I have posted four blogs in two days now! I need to think of some other distractions. Besides, i am not being very creative here.

Love. What is love? Caught a friend online when she had apparently broken up with her boyfriend. Tough situation for me there. I am not exactly an expert at handling these incomprehensible emotional fights. I said a little this and a little that and finally scared the poor creature out of her wits by telling her to turn in to a saint. There ended the conversation. But i shall get back to the important question: What is love? Does love exist? Is love mere infatuation? If no, how is it any different from infatuation? I am not talking here about the affection for blood relations. That love i shall explain may be in another blog or if you contact me in person. But this 'love' between lovers. What is it? What do they mean when they say 'I love you'? Is it as good as saying, 'I am infatuated with you'? Or is there something beyond mere infatuation in love.If so, what is it? I need the help of lovers here.'Oh lovers of the world, answer me!'. But i need that you give rational, logical explanations. Arguments like, "One just has to experience it. It is something much beyond infatuation,Karthik. It's love." won't help one bit. What is that extra 'thingy'? I do not wish to dismiss love cynically as mere trash invented to clothe the sexual desires. When hordes of men have turned insane, when reams of poetry have been written and when nations have gone to war all for love there must be something to it. I used to be convinced by such an argument. But not any more. Almost as many people believe in love as in God. But that doesn't mean God exists. Does God exist? That question i shall go in to on another occasion.

Now let me tell you all i can on the issue. Love, as we see today, between girlfriends and boyfriends, who cling to each other for a while before they break down and break up is no love at all. That is a plain fad. That's right, fashion. So much has been cleared up. Love, true love, if at all it exists, i am sure, can be felt only after much interaction between the two people for a great period of time. Initially, at the tender age at which people fall in love, there is a tendency on both sides to show the Jekyll in the themselves. This veil of pretence is dropped only after a great deal of interaction, after much comfort is established. Now begins the honest interaction. Here, if two people discover they have much in common then they develop a strong liking for the other person. After all, man is a social animal, and would love to find company that is most like him. When this liking couples with the physical lust, love blossoms. This is as much as i dare blurt out without having experienced it myself. Corrections anyone?


Khatta said...

What is Love? hmmm.. as a person who thinks he is in love... i think i have to try and answer it. Love is:

Feeling of happiness at the others success, and sadness at the other's grief
Feeling of frustration when u dont meet or see each other
the urge to Keep logging onto orkut every few minutes to chk if she has left u a scrap.
The sense of grief/remorse that overcomes u when u have a quarrel.
Doing something just because she wants u to.
that extra thingy u feel when she's with u

I am sorry Karthik, but to me it seems like u will only discover 'that extra thingy' when u fall in love.. Thats the way the world works sometimes , u gotta accept the truth.
A feynmann quote will settle the issue i think(although its about the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics) : "... for the fundamental law of physics we still need mathematics,"... " ... the more laws we find, and the deeper we penetrate nature.. Every one of our laws is a purely mathematical statement in rather complex and abstruse mathematics... it is impossible to explain the honestly the beauties of the laws of nature in a way thst people feel, without their havng some deep understanding of mathematics. I am sorry, but this seems to be the case."
Dear karthik.. the same with is impossible i think to explain the beauty of it all to a person who has'nt experienced the same. How much ever you may try to quantify it, i think it finally boils down to "that extra thingy" as u choose to call it.

I hope this leads to further introspection on ur part. lets keep this thread going, i like it.

Khatta said...
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Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Well, that is what still bothers me. If the 'extra thingy' that is to distinguish love from 'infatuation' cannot be defined...then,perhaps, after all, if one sees without bias, love is nothing more than infatuation.

Harini Vaidyanath said...

u've hit the nail on the head karthik!

Harini Vaidyanath said...
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Harini Vaidyanath said...

karthik, i love sunsilk shampoo da!

Harini Vaidyanath said...