Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Burst of passion

For some inexplicable reason i have suddenly developed an obsession for blogging. I just hope it isn't mere childish delight. For one, it is a wonderful means of catharsis. For another, there are no rules in this form of writing. I can ramble on and on in any manner i please. There is no ambition when i am writing a blog. I mean, if i were writing an article then i'd be determined to keep it logical and structured so that it makes sense to the reader and so on..Here, it is writing for the pure fun of it; and perhaps due to a slight excess of free time. I have been indulging in social networking a lot lately. There is this social networking site called 'orkut' where i have just created a place for myself. What's more i have diligently searched out a lot of my friends,new and old, and added them to my list. My apologies to those pals whom i have missed out on. But with the kind of net speed we have in the insti it is a lot of hard work. In some senses, it has paid off. I got in touch with a lot of my school and junior college pals. Infact, i had more words over im the other day with one of my junior college friends than i did in the two years we had spent together!! Almost everyday of last week i was busy chatting either to a school friend or a college friend. It was a helluva lot of fun. Particularly so because it was quiz week and this was a wonderful diversion from the boredom of my department courses.

I have also been ambitious enough to create a community of mine called 'Born Philosophers'. I have been doing my share to make it popular by messaging possible members. Perhaps, when my blogs become popular this would be another effort in that direction.

Quizzes got over today. Today's quiz delayed and held at our lunch hour. I was hungry and restles, so i wrote brief(and hopefully accurate) answers and turned in my paper a good twenty minutes ahead of time much to the surprise of my prof. who said, "Are you done?!" "Yes,", i replies smiling at his astonishment and left the room with a high head hoping that my friends would notice and come up to me after the exam praising my 'studness'. Well, that wasn't to be for i had to go somewhere when they all came out. Darn!

Can u believe it, i am blogging at five in the evening. No, i can't let blogging spoil my wonderful routine. Playtime folks!!!! See you soon!


Joe said...

Great blog very creative.


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Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Thanks for the appreciation joe. Not to interested in software right now though.

Khatta said...

Hey Karthik.. while u relie on content to get to read ur blogs... i have to relie on such (ok call it underhand if u want) methods to get ppl to read mine if at all, just out of morbid curiosity

Khatta said...

read relie as rely... sorry for the horrendous typo