Monday, September 19, 2005

Master Plan

Okay, I have just written a quiz. I am excited. I suspect there is a league of professors in the institute who are actually asylum escapes in disguise. I have found two of them during the present quizzes. One gave us notes to prepare from for the quiz and asked precisely those parts which he had deleted deliberately from these notes while the other gave almost half the paper from what we learnt 365 days back. There are a handful of others i have identified from quizzes in the past years. But i haven't apprehended them for i didn't realise their sinister intentions at that time: they intend to take over the institute. So, i intend to take serious action now. I must diversify my choice of subjects. But wait, i am in my final year already and am running out of time. The mob is a huge one. No, i cannot let my institute suffer in ignorance of all this. I just devised a master plan. I intend to take the help of my fellow campus mates in my mission. I shall carefully cull out the most intelligent students from all the various disciplines and years and form a secret intelligence squad. The sole purpose of the members of this squad is to prepare thoroughly and write quizzes in diverse subjects. Each time there is an aberration, an absurdity in the score of these peers an asylum runaway has been identified. Ah, now that i have the plan well-worked out i am happy; but if i am to contribute to this squad as a member i had better go now and prepare thoroughly for tomorrow's quiz. See you soon!

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