Thursday, September 15, 2005

Intimidating Linux

I have just bought a new computer. Out of fear that viruses will get transferred to my comp. thru the LAN i am using linux instead of windows. The moment i open the terminal i am at a loss. What commands do i type? What do they mean? What is a file? What is a directory? Would this command upset the comp? So many questions bombard my head. What's more, i have been able to use my computer only 3 weeks after purchase thanks to a host of hardware and OS problems. So i feel all the more insecure about doing anything without checking with existing linux users. It is little surprise to me that windows maintains its popularity. The user-friendliness of windows is just incredible. Even my grandmother uses windows.
All this leads me to another question: Why so much jargon? 'Compile rpm from the source' my friend told me. 'What's source?', i asked in all ignorance. 'it is a .bz2 file' was the curt reply. Ah, that's much better! 'So, are all ".bz2" files souces?' 'Usually,' was the doubtful reply. Why is it so full of jargon? Why can't it be in plain english? I sincerely wish that linux were and the commands were made more user-friendly so that even ordinary mortals like me can access enjoy the luxuries of linux.

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