Monday, September 19, 2005

Doubly miserable

I shouldn't have got myself so worked up after the quiz. It is a twenty mark exam after all; not the end of the world. I hope my hastiness in forgiven by the professors. Some may have a sadistic pleasure in setting tough papers but most might just genuinely overestimate our capacity. They are forgiven their errors too. So now we are even. Yet, i feel miserable. I spurted out non-sense on an impulse. But to add to the wound is a physical internal injury. The mess food seems to have been unhygenic. I am feeling slightly ill. I suspect the mess workers are terrorists trying to take over the institute by poisoning the students. I must devise a master plan. Uh oh, must hold back these cynical accusations. So, perhaps some mess workers get a sadistic pleasure out of poisoning us but most might just geniunely overestimate our capacity to withstand poison.Nope, a similar argument fails. No, i must not be cynical. Trust, dear fellow.Trust. Perhaps, they were trying to maintain hygene after all but some sinister insect with a fiendish plan, a jehadi in all probability, commited suicide by nose-diving into the dish after it was prepared. Ah, wicked insects. I knew it. So, i must control the insect population in the campus. This is getting tougher. What should my master plan be? No, i must not be so sceptical. Perhaps the insects are not jehadis after all. Perhaps this particular one was genuinely bored with life. I can imagine: the same fellow insects(there isn't even a variety in colour and clothing!), the same filth, the same filthy odours, the same filthy victims. The same routine every day of its short life. How dreary! Little wonder that it committed suicide(there is also the incentive of losing out on fewer hours of precious life)!. But then, there is still evil lurking in the world. Why didn't the fellow insects console the depressed and disillusioned creature? Why didn't they comfort him? This isn't suicide friends. It's cold-blooded murder! Now, what motives do we see? Either he was a paramour to some impulsive, thoughtless 'insectess' OR he was plain rich; perhaps he was a spider with an excess of insects in his web. But then, the throngs in my room never quarel in this way. Is that because they fear i am policing them? Perhaps. But perhaps, it wasn't a spider at all. Hmm...i need to learn more about insects and their territorial nature. So, things are getting complex. Now, i am not sure of the precise nature of our villian. Veiled evil. How do i track down this evil now? Can't think of anything. But no, i must not be sceptical. So, there is only one thing left to do. Trust in in in in my mind........

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