Saturday, September 24, 2005

Little thinking

I really had no intention of blogging today. But i have been tempted by the high net speed ;) Perhaps it'll be days again before such speeds are seen, and since i have lost that initial child-like excitement for blogging i needed an incentive such as this.

But, what do i blog about? I am not thinking much these days. That's bad. I've got to start thinking again. Hmm..shall add that to my list of 'things to do'. Well, i thought for a brief period while resting in the midst of a game of evening basketball(it is a wonderful feeling to play continuously till you are exhausted and then suddenly stand still, absolutely motionless, and let the wind take away the heat and sweat as if it were pining to get a taste of the products of your effort, physical though it may be. And as i stood still....well, i got bored. So i looked up at the skies as if hoping it would drop down a toy or something to amuse me and it was then that i spotted this bird. For a second i thought it was staring at me and i wanted to wave a hand in invitation for company. But as i looked at it i felt hesitation. There it was, against the purple skies, looking serene, pristine, unspoilt, and absolutely free and here i was in stinky, sweat drenched clothes and i thought we would never deign to accept such an invitation. So i looked down again to return contempt for contempt. And it was then that i asked myself: why was it looking down? It had all the space it needed up there. There was absolutely nobody or no thing in its horizontal plane of view. It could enjoy absolute freedom! Something we humans can never experience. Yet it was choosing not to. It was then that i realised that it was more attached to the earth than that open, free space. Here, on crowded earth was its food, its fuel for survival. Here on overpopulated earth were also, probably, its children, its reason for survival, if at all it cares to reason. Here ,also, it was born and so, perhaps, its emotional attachment if at all it has any. So i just tried to draw a parallel of sorts: If i go abroad, to the land of oppurtunity and freedom, i may never sense so much excitement at this greater freedom. For, here, in India, are my roots. It is here i was born. It is here that my family stays and it is here that i have everything that is of any value and consequence to me! So, effectively, it is no freedom at all! So, i too, might after all, like that bird, keep staring down at India from the greener, higher lands of that wealthy nation.

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