Sunday, June 28, 2009

The unchanging life

Last time I went to India(Dec. 07), I was a bit more naive. I gathered from the grapevine that India was growing at a tremendous rate, and rather innocently I assumed that would translate to things looking very different at home. However, nothing had changed in my immediate life. If anything, it was worse. The power cuts were longer, the water supply more restricted, the traffic worse and the pollution worse still. Of course, a few more malls dotted the city landscape but they made so little difference to my daily life and I felt let down on the whole.

This time, I am more informed. I am aware that there has been little or no infrastructural development. The monsoons have been bad. I expect the power cuts to be worse still. The water supply as restricted as ever. The apartment management as lousy as always, so that my dad and grandmother will still have to climb 8 flights of stairs to get to our fourth floor apartment. The traffic and pollution as suffocating as usual. This time, I have no expectations of change. This time, I think I will be happy.

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