Thursday, June 04, 2009

One of a kind

I was on the volleyball court at lunch time. A player on the opposition team stalled play to tie his shoelaces. At that time I glanced at my laces to make sure they were in place too. That is when I discovered to my utter horror and morbid embarrassment that today I went to work wearing two shoes from two different pairs. One was made of strips of grey and purple with little patches of orange. The other of strips of white and blue with patches of red. They were also two different brands. It was a long day but fortunately nobody seemed to have spotted it(I was in shorts too, not trousers!), or may be they spotted it and thought it nothing unusual coming from me. Either way, I am glad not to have faced someone in this awkward situation, trying to explain my abstractedness during the whole morning shoe picking up and tying routine!

It did make a very comic sight though and I was most amused by it!

p.s: Socks, I can tell you from personal experience, are even tougher to hide :(


Josh said...

Hmm. True, it would have been entirely embarrassing/awkward if someone noticed your shoes and pointed it out to you.
But look at the bright side, if someone who's gloomy & sad, was sitting at the volleyball court to brood and then accidentally looked at your shoes. They would have smiled and forgot their troubles for a moment :)
PS: I am not a blogger. But I read blogs, a lots of them :). Yours is one of them.

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

@Josh: Yes, perhaps I did make the world a happier place.

silverine said...


mathew said... often happens with the socks for me...but then i wonder who the heck cares..;-P