Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Howlarious cousin!

So there is this cousin of mine who has recently grown into a big boy and is now joining college and all. He and I haven't been in touch all that often these past three years of my stay in the US. Suddenly, he decided to add me on skype and pinged me on gchat asking me for my skype id. So I gave him what I thought was my skype id and this ensued(cast: Srinivas - cousin; Sriram - Bro):
Srinivas: something ridiculous happened
i added someone else in skype thinking its u
i rang him
me: lol
Srinivas: and a lady took
i asked her who she is
and she told she was karthik's wife
and i said WHAT
me: LOL
Srinivas: and she asked me whu i was
and i told i was his cuzz
and i didnt know
wether any of yur frnd were playing prank on me
and sriram came in
and finally confirmed about the mixup
we all had a good laugh
me: ROFL!
Srinivas: for a moment i thought u married an american
me: ROFL!
Srinivas: secretly
me: lol
my id is ....

p.s: This dude is funny!

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blunt edges said...

bloggin since 2005?!?!?! n regularly sure r a veteran ;)