Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Howlarious cousin - Part II

So the he/him in the chat below is a reference to my overambitious 17 year old cousin. I understand his desire to stamp his name on the world of science and all but this is downright hilarious!! =))

me: i'll fwd the chat
worth a read
Sriram: :D
me: max trippy da
secretly married an american it seems
Sriram: :)
vivid imagination
me: ya, totally awesome consideration of possibilities
Sriram: when i met him this summer, he kept describing some physics contraption arrangment for a perpetual motion machine, and said he would become rich etc
me: LOL
what da
total trippy fellow he is
Sriram: apparently he had suggested that idea to his teacher there and he/she had sent a mail to HC Verma about it
me: :-|
Sriram: and HC verma mailed him back saying nice try
me: ROFL
dei, total wtf prof. also
did u hear his idea?
Sriram: ya, he gen puts reel also
me: what was it?
i'm curious
Sriram: ya, don't remember now.
it was something about starting a motor in space
me: hehe
Sriram: basically some zuk frictional loss set up for relative motion between some coil and magnetic field
me: he didn't learn carnot's cycle-a?
Sriram: I don't think we did it in 12th.
me: oh :-/
don't remember

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