Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I think it is called Memento-the English movie in which a guy has a loss of memory or something and then goes on some adventure to find a murderer, or something like that. English is a strange language. As a kid i always thought the word was 'Momento'. Its fortunate that as a kid you don't have to give a speech after collecting your memento. Otherwise i wonder how many embarassments i would have suffered in my thanksgiving speeches for those many 'momento's. Anyways, all this is off the point.

I have a serious problem. Its not OCD and i'm not a hypochondriac. I think i'm losing my memory. Already. I know i always had a bad memory. It has often caused me a great deal of anxiety. School exams were hell because i knew i'd forget most of what i'd learnt. Even for JEE, i'd written down an awful lot of formulae on seperate sheets because i knew i'd forget. But of late, things seem to have taken a more serious turn. I can remember very few events from my past now. Everything is one nebulous blur. Many events are wiped out. Many more are dangling precariously on the seived netting of my memory. Some events seem to have undergone selective erosion. I can remember the event but i remember it with some people missing. It occurred to me that i might reach such a stage as the guy in Memento(i haven't seen the movie). I might have memory only for an infinitely small period of time so that at any point of time i only remember events upto a few seconds before. That would make my life very hard. I can't do most of the things i normally do now. I'd have to start using notepads to scribble things down all the time. And i'd have to keep getting back to them so often. Moreover, i'd have to remember to get back to them. The only solution i can think of is a revolution in technology. May be i can have some digital storage devices implanted in my brain. The more memory i need, the more storage devices i connect. But then, i wonder how things would be if everyone could, if they should be able afford it, have digital storage devices implanted in themselves. For one, there would be no need for exams. For another, there would be no need for duplicates of anything. For yet another, contrary to the saying, public memory would be good. Hopefully that would do the world a lot of good. In fact, i expect that development would take place at an astonishing pace on all frontiers. But then, you can see where i'm going right? AI. So you know the drawbacks too. Besides, i'm sure you've all seen the matrix(I saw it for the first time a couple of weeks back) to help you out.

Anyways, i figured i may not have the memory to remember you people later so that i can apologise for my loss of memory. In fact, i may not even remember that i have to apologise at all. So I shall apologise in advance. Friends, if i reach such a stage that my memory fails me almost completely and i do not remember your existence, please forgive me and understand that it is not a deliberate act of expungement but a consequence of my falling victim to this ailment. Ladies! If you are in love with me, please tell me so now. Gentlemen! If you have any gifts you kept in store for more important occassions, don't wait. This is the time.


Arun said...

Romba paesara nee!! anyway, just adding some memory to your brain wont make AI possible! [:p]

Khatta said...

dei an infinitely small amount of time is not a few seconds :P