Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reservation bitterness.

about me: I am studying in IIT. I plan to file a petition demanding reservation by lineage. I wish that all my grandchildren have reservation to enter IIT because i've studied here. The remaining 51% seats should be allocated for this. If the other 2000 students in my batch wish the same and we have 20000 grandchildren competing for the reservation then we should increase the number of IITs. They can turn the whorehouses of the country into IITs but i won't rest until all my 50 odd grandchildren get to study in one of the 1000 prestigious IITs that will be formed.


Arun said...

hehe. saw it in your orkut about me long ago. nice one anyway :D

babe said...

you are going to have 50 odd grand children ...
that plan is nemba too much