Saturday, October 08, 2005

Quite curious convictions

This is to share with the Bhavanites, particularly the old ones, the really old ones, who've been at the old Bhavan's building some curious notions i had in my days of innocence and still remember for some strange reason.

I have done from LKG to 5th in that building before the newer, box-type structure came up a few kilometres away from this nice, village like campus that was our old school.

Apples still remind me our kindergarten uniform. They would be boldly embossed on the chests of my friends, as if to protect their tender little hearts from the cruel world, and seemed so huge against their own little bodies so that i developed a slight fear that these fruits-one of the the few things littler than us-too would outgrow us some day.

When i was wiser, and in standard III, my thoughts on the whole became more profound and mature i should like to think but some curious notions still persisted I figure. For instance, there was this kid, Vaidish Venkataraman, who was the son of the then principal Mr. Venkataraman, a man who seemed to my eyes handsome and the very emblem of grace. I used to wonder how such a man as him could have as ugly a son as Vaidish. For the nice kid was evaluated to be so by the objective mind of innocence. Yet, i feared the kid in a deferential manner. He was, after all, the principal's son, and that meant to me that he would go on to become the principal of the school. My school was the entire world for me then and there i was to live my whole life i must have thought. So that i assumed he was going to be a big man in the school and there for i considered it my duty to pay him his due respect. So, inspite of being very close friends, i would always greet him only with a grim, respectful bow of the head instead of a warm and genial smile.

I had made another peculiar inference which i still recollect. There were two fat people in my class in the third standard. The fatter was Jaganath, and the other i vaguely recollect might have been Mukund. The two of them were incredibly knowledgeable, or at any rate, pretended to great knowledge and always made astonishing factual(or at least i thought them to be so then) revelations or authoritative statements on sports, politics, et al; so i conveniently jumped to the conclusion that all fat people were intelligent, wise men and felt sorry for myself that i was thin. I don't remember if i made efforts to remedy my physical state after that but i can assure you that even if i did, those attempts were in vain.


Pointy said...

Having met Ghattu, how much has ur opinion of fat men changed??(Ghattu is as fat as they come, I presume!!:P)

Khatta said...

first of all.. LOL @ pointys comments on ghattu!

then i would like to narrate some curious theories i too had...
like for the life of me i couldnt understand how the damned bus driver always managed to take us to the place where we wanted to go!
for this i came up with the brilliant theory that when we told the conductor the place we wanted to goto in order to buy tickets, the bus driver somehow over heard us and therefore knew the right place to take us!
now anyone can come up with something curioser???

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

LORL!! =))