Friday, January 08, 2010

Recycled wisdom

This video from TED seems to be doing many rounds on the internet. After you waste 20 minutes of your life watching these yuppie researchers, you may read this excerpt from Daniel Yergin's 'The Prize':

Meanwhile, Rockefeller, relieved of day-to-day responsibility, regained his health under his new regimen. In 1909, his doctor predicted that he would live to he a hundred because he followed three simple rules: "First, he avoids all worry. Second, he takes plenty of exercise in the open air. Third, he gets up from the table a little hungry."

Two points:
1) Rockefeller lived to 98.
2) The three points mentioned above are all that the video conveys after you spend 20 minutes watching it. And apparently to discover this they spent several years on research too.


scorpiogenius said...

I don't wanna live upto 100, seriously. Good that you've typed out the matter in a sentence, will save me 20 min.

scorpiogenius said...

Oh I forgot, I dont practice any of the three! And I don't intend to as well except for the Exercise thing. Haa, and to have no worries? well...

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

@Scorpio: Yes, I don't intend to live till 100 either. Ideally, live till I can support myself and then die a quick painless death in sleep. I think the future generations will have enough things to worry about without me :)