Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home sick

The recreation complex was closed at 6 pm today so my Russian racquetball partner and I couldn't play. So we decided to play table tennis at a community centre he thought would be open. We stopped at my home on the way there as I had to pick up my racket. When we entered my home, he politely stood at the entrance while I searched for my racket in my bedroom. I thought he might get bored waiting so I said he could come in and wait. He walked up to my room and had a horror-stricken expression on his face. I quite well knew it was because of how dirty and unkempt it was with everything including bedding(sleeping bag), clothes, books, cereal boxes, fruits, and sporting equipment strewn on the same floor. What I wasn't prepared for however was when I said, "So now you know how I live!", he promptly replied, "I don't."

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