Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some goats I like

I've been tagged by Silverine. For the past 4 years or thereabouts, I've been in the habit of taking notes from books I read in the hope of documenting the worthwhile because I usually forget everything. Such being the case it is naturally impossible to take on the task of listing a mere 5 quotations as per the rules of the tag. Today, I was going through some of the notes I've made over the years and picked out a handful of the choicest from what little I managed to go through. I am pleased with the final collection I have assembled here because it covers a fairly interesting range of subjects, and that is very satisfactory considering I'm only culling out from a tiniest collection of my notes. A note of caution: The content of the quotations aren't necessarily ideas I subscribe to. They are merely quotations that appeal to me.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche’s beautiful description of Arthur Schopenhauer:
    He was absolutely alone, with not a single friend; and between one and none there lies an infinity.

  • Arthur Schopenhauer:
    Most of our suffering lies in retrospect or anticipation; pain itself is brief. How much more suffering is caused by the thought of death than death itself.

  • Arthur Schopenhauer:
    Only a philosopher can be happy in marriage, and philosophers do not marry.

  • Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels(Note: Read the book to know definition of ‘Yahoo’):
    A soldier is a Yahoo hired to kill in cold blood as many of his own species, who have never offended him, as possibly he can.

  • Arthur Schopenhauer:
    We are unhappy married, and unmarried we are unhappy. We are unhappy when alone, and unhappy when in society: we are like hedge-hogs clustering for warmth, uncomfortable when too closely packed, and yet miserable when kept apart. It is all very funny.


  • Sriram Sivaramakrishnan:
    Is quantum mechanics Ψ-Φ ?

  • Anjali Philip:
    I learnt to cook at the tender age of 8 months, when I lifted a jar of salt and emptied it into a bowl of chicken curry.

  • Socrates:
    Tragedy itself is proof of the fact that the Greeks were not pessimists .

  • Bertrand Russell:
    We think of education as the transmission of a certain body of settled knowledge, when it should be rather the development of a scientific habit of mind.

  • George Santayana:
    Religion is human experience interpreted by human imagination.

  • William Somerset Maugham:
    The most important thing that money can buy is time.
The formating has been terrible because of my lack of familiarity with the blogger tools. Is there a way to directly insert a word formatted document in here?

I enjoyed going through my notes and must go through some more again some time. I tag:

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silverine said...

Amazing and totally new quotes. I am a fan of Arthur Schopenhauer already!! That last quote "We are unhappy married" perfectly describes me. I think I am spoilt. When I am surrounded by people I get people burn and want to be alone. When I have left sufficiently alone, I crave company.

And quoted me! :p I am honored. I am so happy you tagged yourself again. This time, please extend the tag and put in more quotes. These have been a totally new zone for me. Unlike you, I quote people whose quote I identify with strongly!! Thanks a lot. This was the best!!!

emmanuel said...

Can't say which one I liked the most. All are awesome ones. :)

The font size was too small for the quotes; could have been the same as the rest of the post. :))

Wonderful post. :)

emmanuel said...

And I have already done the tag. ;)

JK said...
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JK said...

Good ones! I am too lazy to note down quotes and it gives some sort of a kick to recollect quotes (or parts of them) days after I read them. So I shall not start doing it now and I'll keep the tag open.

Sophist said...

They've blocked Blogger at work! :'(