Friday, January 04, 2008

The amusing and the absurd - Part III

I distinctly remember being amused when during an India-Australia one day match, Robin Singh plodded, and very literally too, to a 50 and then ended up puking on the ground from exhaustion! It was the probably the only time I'd ever seen him make an even slightly significant contribution to the team's score, and very probably too the only time that he scored a 50 in one-day internationals, and to celebrate that by spreading his joy(if the pun may be excused) made me sneer at his fitness level. Today, I just learnt to my utter disbelief that Robin Singh is India's fitness trainer.

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JK said...

Robin Singh is India's fielding coach and King is India's fitness trainer. Surprised by the possibility that Robin Singh has scored very few 50s, I checked out cricinfo to find that he has nine 50s and one 100 in 136 ODIs. Pretty good I would think, for someone who was a true allrounder.