Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some thoughts.

After today's walk i'm convinced that the political doctrine of anarchism combined with the ethical doctrine of utilitarianism would work best to reduce the suffering of mankind.

Also, i do not think imprisonment in a cell(and eventually hanging etc; depending on the nature of the crime) should be the form of punishment awarded to those deemed criminals by the existing law. I think it should rather be that they are all sent to reformation centres, the functioning of which i haven't yet figured out completely. However, depending on the practical urgency for fresh intake of criminals, older ones in the reformation centre who seem not have undergone any change(or at any rate, change insufficient to let them roam free in society) may then be relegated to suffering the rest of their punishment as they would've faced it under the present judicial system.

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Karthik said...

It sounds good but I am not sure if it will discourage people from commiting crimes. There are too many people without food, shelter etc who would be happy to end up in a rehab center where everything is taken care of. Hanging should be abolished but I feel that extended stay in a prison is necessary for the worst of crimes.