Saturday, August 12, 2006

Peculiar observations 2.

As you might have realised from 'Peculiar observations', i tend to look at shop names while walking. On one such walk along a certain street i saw a beauty salon called 'Grooming Humans II"

Three days into my stay at AZ i'd bought a biycle for $50. As i was parking it in a cycle stand, my eyes chanced upon the name of the cycle next to mine. It wisely preached 'MT fury'.

When i was sitting in my department graduate co-ordinator's room a chinese PhD student came along, looking rather anxious, and said, "I'm not on the wafer list!". I was bewildered and wondered which wafer he was talking about. My graduate co-ordinator, however understood him correctly and said, "Oh, your name is not on the waiver list? We can fix that."


Vindy said...

hahaha... wafer list

Arun said...

lolz @ wafer list.. yeah, it happens all the time.. read my blog about "wet my pants" thingy =))


hohoo...real funny!!

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Nincompoop: Give me a more familiar alias.